A Message From Lorraine

Hello and welcome to Encounters with Heaven.  My name is Lorraine and I am a Medium and Author. At almost every public reading event I do, or workshop I teach, I am asked the same question: have you always been a medium? In one sense of the word I guess I have been. While I did not see spirit as a child, throughout my childhood and teenage years I had the unique ability to hear heaven. Almost daily I could hear ethereal music and angelic choirs playing and singing the most exquisite music I have ever heard.

My ability to see spirit began in my twenties, and at the age of twenty-eight I had a visitation from God when I was going through a very painful, life altering experience. Later, in my forties, I began having visitations from Jesus, and, as a result, I received many spiritual gifts.

Contained within the pages of this website is the unfolding story of my experience with God and Jesus. It is my truth. Surely, many of you reading this won’t believe me; and that is okay. But if even one person becomes a believer, or one person is healed, or you just find my story and my work entertaining and thought provoking, it was worth putting myself and my story out there for you to read.

If you’ll visit this website from time to time, you will see the story develop. You will also see where I’m doing my next event, workshop or spiritual talk.

The links to my story appear in the left hand column and are in the order in which they were written. Links to additional content, such as channeled teachings, my other experiences with spirit, including the angels, appear in the right column. There is even more content found in the main menu.

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Thank you.